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A kontent management sistem (English Kontent Management Sistem, CMS for short) is a program to create a dukungan structure (frame-work) for creating and managing kontent on situs pages mainly by the participants.

Consists of an interface controlling one or more databases which hosts the site kontent. The sistem can independently manage the kontent and design. It is possible to manage kontent at any time and give a different design to the site without having to format the new kontent, and allows easy and controlled the advertising on the site to several publishers. A classic example is the publishers that carry kontent to the sistem and a higher level (directory) that allows these contents are visible to the public (the approval).

Jimdo is a free situs editor based on its kontent management sistem for creating Situs pages without HTML knowledge. It is characterized by its speed and ease of use.

This free service is part of Situs 2. 0 and on-line to create and customize websites using WYSIWYG technology. Situs pages are hosted on servers in the company and the URL of the sites are a sub-domain jimdo. com (eg nombre. jimdo. com). You can also use your own domain name for a situs page created with Jimdo Pro, the paid version ($ U. S. 5) allowing a better and more extensive tools for exploitation. There is also the bussines Jimdo payment service which allows you to create two domains and 50 GB of storage in your pages.

Jimdo interface is based on a modular sistem that can add, move and delete a flexible manner. In this way you can insert text, images themselves or external platforms such as Flickr, YouTube videos, widgets and other elements. The page layout also makes easily customize templates through default or by inserting your own templates.

Jimdo is available in 8 languages (Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Chinese).

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