Changing the Look of Your Blogger Site Using Templates

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When you set up a new Blogger site, you can select from among sixteen default different templates, the majority of which have more than one theme variation you can select. When I first started blogging, I often tried two or three of the default templates before I settled on one that fit the theme of my site okay. You can use one of the following methods to change your existing template.

Picking a New Blogger Default Template

After you set up your situs (blog), you may decide that you don’t like the template so much, or you might juicet want to give it a fresh look. There are a couple of ways you can change your template. The easiest way is to simply switch to one of the other default templates provided by Blogger. You can switch templates by going to Layout – Pick New Template from your Blogger akun dashboard. You can pick a new template as simply as you selected your initial one. All the information (posts, pictures, and videos) you have already placed on your situs (blog) will be retained. Blogger’s sistem separates the actual information (your posts and media) presented on a situs (blog) from the way in which the information is presented – your blog’s theme.

When you change your template by choosing Pick New Template, Blogger’s sistem is intelligent enough to preserve the gadgets you currently have set up. For instance, if you have added some gadgets using the Add a Gadget link on the Layout – Page Elements page, those gadgets will be preserved in your new template design. I’ll discuss later a method for changing your template design that requires more caution.

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