Part Fourteen in a Website Business Template Series

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Creating mini sites as your website model of choice has become seriously popular and is possible being pressed as a fairly easy way to earn a living online. Do not be fooled as with any business establishing and running fifty or one hundred mini sites just might be one of the more difficult ways of getting an income from the internet. There are a lot of products that you can buy online that will teach you a bunch of similar ways to set up “cash-grabbing” micro or tiny sites.
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The concept is very easy – what you do is a lot of keyword research and niche research to find that tightly targeted spot online which is not that competitive and you build and leave a tiny website for those specific keyword searchers. Right now the guys which may have in fact actually made a success from this very form of marketing will easily admit that only about 40% with their websites ever actually make them money, and very often these websites are chugging along at a very small income. The complete point to this form of net based business is to create numerous tightly targeted websites that most stand or fall independently and eventually you will have a regular income.

I have a suspicion that my cynicism is creeping through and is obvious in my tone here in this report. I will explain. I actually have built most of these websites myself, and if you need to do them effectively they will make you steady money. My real complaint goes to these guys that promote their products to us, and tend to make it all sound much easier than it really is.

They will run marketing promotions that tell you will be able to established up a mini site in two hours, and using this system can have to 100 new websites a month, and if they are to be believed you will be making an average of R2000 ($240) every website per month. Very well perhaps they are competent of doing that but I have to notify you i am experienced at preparing these kind of websites and I personally have found that they require at least two days of to give them enough “meat” to stand all by itself out there online.

Thus finally if you read between all the lines that we have gone over here, I actually do agree that if putting in at least 2 days of solid work per miniature site and you have done your keyword research properly then you might stand a chance of reaching a network of income making mini sites. If you do not learn to use underhand tools or tactics to bet your websites online you should be in a position to gain a great footprint online.

One phrase of warning, the future of the internet is fast becoming one where real and high quality content will be the most highly ranked item and if you keep putting copy and stick stuff up you will eventually fail. Be careful, rather go slower and put original and good quality content onto your websites.

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